you are the woman of the other and i desire you

"Here, I think, we may read a disjunction between the law and jouissance. In this configuration, the condition of access to jouissance is the lack of entitlement, to be entitled to a woman kills jouissance. The Third Book of Pantagruel deals entirely with the question of Panurge’s marriage: “I want to marry but if I marry, I will be a cuckold.” The three hundred pages of the book are devoted to this issue, which is central: to have the legal right to a woman ensures that jouissance, the jouissance of her, will be in another place. So that we can only have access to jouissance by means of the violation of the law. This has a positive side: the subject needs the interdiction of the Other, the subject needs the Other in order that the Other can show him the way to jouissance." 
"Maybe it’s an idiocy, a joke, a naiveté needed when we tell a woman: “You are my wife.” The only thing serious that you can say, and this is a generalization of what Freud introduced with the terms of the injured third party and Dirnenhaftbarkeit, is: “You are the woman of the Other, always, and I desire you because you are the woman of the Other.” Everything Freud says about love life comes together on the thematic that woman, to be acknowledged, must belong to the Other." 
[Jacques-Alain Miller, You Are the Woman of the Other and I Desire You]