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"Why, if we wanted something, if we loved something - a mother, a cream-cake - why would we want too much of it? Well, we might fear losing it, never having it again, so we might believe that we need to take it all, and hoard it for ever - that because it could go away, or run out, or someone else could take it, we had better get as much as we can. Or we might become greedy because what we are getting is not quite what we want - it's failing to satisfy me so I begin to believe that more is better, that if one cream cake isn't doing the trick, three will, when in fact it isn't a cream cake that I really want. Or I might become greedy out of envy; I realise that the cakes and the mother that I love don't actually belong to me, that I depend on them being available; because I can't bear the fact that I depend on them I would rather destroy them with my greed. There is always a magical belief that by destroying the thing that we love we destroy our need for it. And finally, greed is a way of avoiding making choices; if I have everything I don't have to choose what I want. And choosing what I want means giving up some pleasures for other pleasures."

[adam phillips, guardian.co.uk/books/]